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Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction
Tooth extraction
Sinus-lift (open method)
Sinus-lift (open method)
Removal of a tooth cyst (cystectomy)
Removal of a tooth cyst (cystectomy)
This is a serious surgical procedure, so it is important to know that after a tooth extraction there is an individual healing period when you need to follow your dentist's recommendations.

Common causes of tooth extraction

  • Severe decay;
  • A purulent outgrowth around the root of the tooth (cyst);
  • Fracture of the tooth or root;
  • Severe displacement of the tooth;
  • Orthodontic causes (bite disorder);
  • Progressive periodontal disease;
  • Teeth that have not erupted.

Price :

Procedure for Belarus Citizens for Foreign Citizens
Removal of a single root tooth with forceps and elevator 54.97 132.83
Removal (complicated) of a multirooted tooth with forceps and elevator 92.79


Removal (simple) of a multirooted tooth with forceps and elevator 68.40 159.28
Removal of a complicated retained tooth 261.02 287.57