11th City Clinical Hospital

Korgenevskogo str., 4, Minsk, 220106, Belarus

Hot line
+375 17 242-44-53
Help Desk
+375 17 225-88-52
One Help Point Service
+375 17 225-88-27
Paid Services Reception
+375 17 225-88-14
Emergency Reception
+375 17 225-88-02
Scheduled Reception
+375 17 225-87-10

Appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist

Appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist
ENT surgery
ENT surgery
Counseling is provided at the Interdistrict Counseling Room

The interdistrict consultation office performs the entire spectrum of diagnostic examinations, manipulations, outpatient operations, prescribes treatment for patients at the outpatient stage, and determines indications for hospitalization.

If necessary, you can always make an appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist on a fee basis. You can call 225-88-14 and receive comprehensive information about fee-based services, make an appointment at a convenient time for you, as well as about the payment procedure.

Price :

Procedure for Belarus Citizens for Foreign Citizens
Primary consultation with an otorhinolaryngologist (interdistrict consultation room) 15,13 36,23
Repeated appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist (interdistrict consultation room) 7,43