11th City Clinical Hospital

Korgenevskogo str., 4, Minsk, 220106, Belarus

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Appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist
Appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist
ENT surgery
ENT surgery
The otorhinolaryngologic department performs the full range of therapeutic and diagnostic work

If necessary, you can always make an appointment to see an otorhinolaryngologist for procedures on a fee-for-service basis. You can call 225-88-14 and get comprehensive information about fee-based services, make an appointment at your convenience, as well as about the payment procedure.

Price :

Procedures for Belarus Citizens for Foreign Citizens
Flushing of the external auditory canal 3.50 11.70
Removal of the wax plug 9.20 30.90
Removal of a foreign body from the ear   57.90
Politzer Blowing of Auditory Tubes (1 session)   12.77
Blowing of auditory tubes with a catheter and administration of medications (1 session)   29.97
Myringotomy (paracentesis) 15.69 49.69
Acuimetry (examination of hearing by whispered speech, tuning forks)   16.00
Audiometry 15.05 48.05
Impedanceometry 14.65 50.05
Eardrum massage   9.55
Toilet of the Ear   9.59
Opening of an abscessed furuncle of the external auditory canal   39.99
Primary surgical treatment of the wound   36.65
Treatment of nasal, pharyngeal and laryngeal mucosa with medications   15.58
Cleansing of tonsil lacunae   29.90
Removal of a foreign body in the larynx   67.81
Intrapharyngeal infusion of medications   19.18
Maxillary sinus puncture   40.40
Removal of a foreign body from the nose   58.62
Opening of abscessed nasal boils   40.23
Anemization of nasal and nasopharyngeal mucosa   16.03
Mucosal anesthesia   10.53
Bandage application   10.66
Anterior nasal tamponade   29.98
Peritonsillar abscess enlargement   30.57
Vacuum drainage of paranasal sinuses according to Sonderman and Proetz (cuckoo) 15.87 31.97
Opening of peritonsillar abscesses   50.86
Stitch removal   20.29
Timpanometry 6.07 19.27