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Urine tests

Urine tests
Urine tests
Blood test
Blood test
Biochemical blood test
Biochemical blood test
Blood Study
Blood Study
Laboratory examination of urine is an integral part of diagnostics in medical practice.

Includes organoleptic, physico-chemical and biochemical tests, as well as microbiological examination and microscopic examination of urine sludge. The analysis can determine the physical properties of urine, the presence of dissolved substances, cells, cylinders, crystals, microorganisms and solids.

You can always get a urine sample on a fee-for-service basis if you need it. You can call 225-88-14 and ask questions about appointments and payment.

A list of tests done at our clinic:

Study's Name Price for Belarus Citizens Price for Foreign Citizens
General analysis of urine (OAM) 4,85 BYN 14,10 BYN.
Nechiporenko urinalysis 3,87 BYN. 9,42 BYN.
Detection of Bence-Jones protein 2,75 BYN. 9,07 BYN.
Detection of ketone bodies by rapid test 1,37 BYN. 2,45 BYN.
Detection of bilirubin by rapid test 1,27 BYN. 2,35 BYN.
Обнаружение уробилиновых тел экспресс-тестом 1,27 BYN. 2,35 BYN.
Determination of kidney concentration capacity according to Zimnitskiy 2,34 BYN. 7,01 BYN.