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Blood test
Blood test
Biochemical blood test
Biochemical blood test
Blood Study
Blood Study
Urine tests
Urine tests
Under the influence of external and internal influences blood can change its composition, which helps to see an objective picture of the patient's health, correctly diagnose and make the most correct scheme to combat the disease.

Blood tests are administered for preventive purposes as well as during illness.

The necessary amount of blood may be drawn from a finger or vein, depending on the focus of the test.

Before the procedure, you must completely eliminate the intake of food and drinks 8 hours before the procedure. Only non-carbonated drinking water may be consumed. The patient is advised to refrain from sports and strong physical exercises.

If necessary, you can always get a blood test for a fee. You can call by 225-88-14 and ask questions about appointments and payment procedures.

You can order services at our clinic:

Service name Unit of measure. Price for Belarus Citizens Price for foreign citizens
Registration  Service 0,60 BYN 1,96 BYN
Finger blood sampling  Service 1,12 BYN 3,20 BYN
Taking blood from a vein Service 1,63 BYN 4,33 BYN
General blood count (with differential leukocyte formula) Test 6,42 BYN 23,97 BYN