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Paid consultation with an endocrinologist

Paid consultation with an endocrinologist
Interdistrict consultative ENT office
Interdistrict consultative ENT office
The 11th City Clinical Hospital offers a paid consultation with an endocrinologist, first category qualification, on a fee-for-service basis

Consultation with an endocrinologist is advisable if you

  • you become quickly tired, constantly feel weak, drowsy, or have memory problems;
  • Your arms or legs regularly go numb;
  • Your companions have become tearful, irritable and depressed;
  • your hair began to fall out;
  • your weight has increased significantly in a short time, or conversely, has decreased for no apparent reason;
  • you feel a lump in the throat, discomfort in the neck area;
  • you are constantly thirsty;
  • you do not sleep well at night;
  • Your eyesight has noticeably deteriorated;
  • it became difficult to tolerate heat or cold, although this did not happen before;
  • acne, unusual body hair, headaches, including those associated with hunger, have appeared.

All of these signs may well be signs of endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders due to malfunction in the production of certain hormones. 

As a result of the consultation you will receive a consultative conclusion, and (if necessary) the doctor can form a course of treatment for you.

The cost of the consultation visit:

for citizens of the Republic of Belarus - 9,50 BYN.
for foreign citizens - 21.92 BYN.
The cost of the service does not include the cost of used medicines, medical products and other materials, as well as diagnostic measures (instrumental, laboratory), which are paid by the patient additionally.)

The payment is made in cash in the clinic (administrative building, room 4, floor 1) in Belarusian rubles, payment by credit card is possible.

For more information, please call 225-87-51