11th City Clinical Hospital

Korgenevskogo str., 4, Minsk, 220108, Belarus

Hot line
+375 17 242-44-53
Help Desk
+375 17 225-88-52
One Help Point Service
+375 17 270-59-51
Paid Services Reception
+375 17 225-88-14
Emergency Reception
+375 17 270-60-09
Scheduled Reception
+375 17 270-59-55
Anonymous Helpline
+375 29 303-86-18
Domestic Violence Number (Family Violence)
8 (801) 100-16-11

Appointment with an ophthalmologist

Appointment with an ophthalmologist
Diagnostic ophthalmologic examinations
Diagnostic ophthalmologic examinations
Ophthalmic surgeries
Ophthalmic surgeries
Diagnosis and treatment of the visual organ and refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism)

If necessary, you can make an appointment to see an ophthalmologist, including on a fee-for-service basis. By calling 225-23-20, you can get all the necessary advice on the payment procedure, as well as make an appointment at a time and day that is convenient for you.

Procedure Price for Belarus Citizens Price for foreign citizens
Initial appointment with an ophthalmologist 18.05 56.15
Recurrent appointment with an ophthalmologist 12.41 37.75