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Comprehensive examination in chiropractic care

Comprehensive examination in chiropractic care
Comprehensive examination in chiropractic care
Chiropractic therapy is one of the effective non-drug methods of treatment of the body. And only a doctor can determine the content of the therapeutic course, after a comprehensive examination of your health condition.

As part of a comprehensive examination, a chiropractor for chiropractic purposes will perform:

  • collection of history and subjective data;
  • general clinical examination;
  • examination of the nervous system;
  • examination of radiological diagnostic data
  • examination of laboratory and instrumental diagnostic data.

This service will allow you to get complete information about your condition, make a diagnosis, and develop a course of chiropractic therapy, taking into account the results obtained.

However, you should remember that chiropractic care is a method of treatment. This means that there are contraindications, in which acting on the body with the help of manual therapy is prohibited or undesirable. This is why we recommend starting with a comprehensive examination.